June is Iced Tea Month

 May 31, 2012 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Few things are more refreshing than a tall glass of Iced Tea.  Instead of using a grocery store iced tea mix with a lot of sugar in it (and very little tea), use our pre-measured 1-gallon teabags instead.  First, it has real tea.  Second, it has the same high-quality flavoring we use in our whole leaf loose tea.  Finally, it makes a gallon (16 cups) in a snap.  We're packaged 4 of our most popular iced tea flavors - Blackcurrant, PassionBerry, Peach/Apricot and Tropical.  Each box has two 1-gallon teabags.  Buy one for yourself and get one for a friend.  At $4 each, how can you go wrong!  In addition to the 1-gallon teabags, at Silver Tips, we have a few teas on ice every day of the summer at $1.99/glass, refills included.  Come in and enjoy or buy on-line.
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