Should Dogs Drink Tea?

 Feb 16, 2018 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Should Dogs Drink Tea?

It's the Year of the Dog - Man's best friend - loyal, smart, and lively. The Chinese believe that a dog coming to your house is a sign of coming fortune.

This is Harley's Year.  That's her above, ready for the bright lights. She's already been the star of many Facebook posts and she's got big plans for the year ahead. We'll be chronicling her many adventures. Right now, let's start with the most pressing concern for a Tea site talking about dogs.


Caffeine can be deadly to dogs, but decaffeinated teas in small doses are okay. The basic takeaway from this article is that a small cup of decaffeinated Green or Black Tea is safe to drink, and can help dogs with several health ailments. It has been proven to help reduce inflammation of the dog's liver and intestines, and it will help dogs who suffer from enteritis or hepatitis.

Harley in Action

Our Herbal Teas are caffeine free and some can be beneficial for dogs. Chamomile and Peppermint are full of digestive aids and are safe for dogs. Ginger is another safe herb. Many Rooibos blends are acceptable as they are also caffeine-free, but they may have other ingredients in them that you can't give dogs, like chocolate. Make sure you're aware of the many human foods that you can't give dogs. And it's not just solid food - there are also several herbs that are unsafe for our canine friends. And of course, consult with your Vet!

Make sure you cool down the Tea you give your dog; you don't want them to burn their sensitive tongues.

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