Fruit Tisanes: Not Your Ordinary Herbal Tea

 Fruit Tisane Blog Story

Tisanes are infusions.  The word Tisane comes from France and in ancient times, it originated as a medicinal drink that was chiefly barley water.  Over time, it has evolved.  Common herbal infusions are, of course, with Mint and other herbs such as Chamomile or Lemongrass.  You may also have tried infusing Cinnamon, Ginger Root or Lemon Verbena.  Tisanes are not Teas although the term ‘herbal tea’ is now synonymously used for herbal blends, fruit tisanes, rooibos and decaffeinated teas.  An astute tea vendor will probe further when a customer walks in and asks for Herbal Tea. 

Hibiscus and Apple Tisanes - Silver...
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 Sep 28, 2019  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Our Very Popular Passion Berry Iced Tea

Customers often write to us after having tasted our teas at local coffee shops or tea rooms.  We have had requests from around the corner and as far away as Oregon.  The two teas most inquired about are the Iced Passion Berry tea and, of course, Toasted Almond which enjoys a fan club all its own.

Last week, a customer wrote to us:

"I recently learned about your Passion Berry Black iced Tea from my local coffee shop.  I noticed you only sell to businesses.  Do you offer sales to non-wholesale customers like myself?  I can buy it in bulk too since I love it so much!"

Ah yes. We have...


 Sep 12, 2019  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

More Health News about Tea and It's All Good!

The New York Times recently carried an important article on the significant value of consuming flavonoids.  This is a nutrient found in plant foods and may reduce the risk for cancer and cardiovascular death.  Tea is a good source. They cited a study from Nature Communications that used data from over 56,000 consumers over 23 years.

After controlling for various factors, they found significant benefits from those that consumed the most flavonoids:

17% reduced risk for mortality
15% reduced risk for cardiovascular disease
20% reduced risk for cancer mortality.

What's the secret?  Consume about 500 milligrams of flavonoids a day. Good sources...


 Aug 29, 2019  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Tea - Good for Allergies as Well!

Tea Remedies for Allergy Relief

If you're someone who sneezes through the Spring, suffers from runny eyes and the sniffles, you know how miserable this season can be. You're not alone.  Studies indicate that over 25% of the population is affected by allergies which can be triggered by pollen, animal dander, specific foods, air pollution, dust mites, mold and even ingredients in beauty products to name just a few. Why do allergies occur?  They do so when your specific...


 Aug 27, 2019  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

The Silver Tips Tea Rewards Program - Easy & Fun!

Loyalty Programs are a big deal.  For us and for you. Gone are the days when only the very large companies such as airlines and hotels offered Rewards or bonuses for being their customers.  Now, your local coffee shop and neighborhood deli as well as all sizes of companies in all kinds of industries work hard to keep your patronage.  Businesses know you have options and how easy it is to compare and then shop elsewhere.   A Rewards Program is one essential factor to keeping you engaged and loyal.

Ours was designed to serve the same purpose.  We began our Silver Tips Tea Rewards Program several years ago and we’ve kept it simple. Here’s how it works:

For every dollar you spend, you earn a point.  When you accumulate a certain number...


 Jul 22, 2019  |  Written by Anupa Mueller


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