10 Ways to Enjoy Hot Tea Month

Fight off those Winter doldrums - January is Hot Tea Month, and we've got all kinds of ideas to mark the occasion:

  1. Master the Art of Steeping.

    One of my favorite quotes stresses the simplicity of Tea: "First you heat the water, then you make the tea, then you drink it properly, that is all you need to know" - Sen Rikyu.  Indeed.  Keep it simple.  You don't need fancy or expensive equipment to make the perfect cup of tea every time.  Be mindful of only three things - the amount of leaf, the temperature of the water and how long you steep.  Reliable tea purveyors will provide you steeping directions with every bag or canister of tea.  

  2. Try something new.

    An ounce of tea can make up to 10 - 15 cups, so add 2 ounces of something new next time you place an order, and travel the world from your armchair.  Or ask for a sample.  If you like English Breakfast, move into a single-estate Assam.  If you're an Assam fan, steep a China Yunnan.  For Green Tea lovers, how about an Oolong? And if you want to lower your caffeine, experiment with Rooibos.

  3. Store your Teas properly.

    Treat Tea differently than Herbs.  Tea needs more attention - follow a simple rule for storage - No Light, No Air, No Moisture. Glass jars can hold Herbal Blends, but real Tea needs more protection. 

  4. Explore the versatility of Tea.

    You can find extraordinary uses for the lowly tea leaf. It can soothe your skin, revitalize your hair, and even clean your mirrors.

  5. Give the Gift of Tea.

    The Holidays may be over, but giving is always in season. Try one of our Gift Boxes or Samplers and share your love of Tea with someone else. This was the year of subscriptions and our Tea-of-the-Month, rated among the top 5 in the country, was a bestseller.

  6. Cook with Tea.

    Did you know that fine restaurants poach Fish with Oolong?  Or make cocktails with Earl Grey Blue? Try out one of our favorite recipes that call for Tea as an ingredient. Our recipes range from Ciders to Cookies and even Meat and Vegetables. Next month is Valentine's Day - whip up your own dish of love!

  7. De-stress with Tea.

    A new year can be stressful - all those resolutions and beginnings! We have some suggestions for relaxing with Tea. And the small, calm act of making a pot of tea provides a moment of pause. Use it to regroup and move on.

  8. Learn How to Choose a Tea.

    Perplexed by the many varieties?  Not sure about the difference between a Lapsang and Lung JingGunpowder and Genmaicha? We've done the work for you - just click here to size up your options.

  9. Visit a Tearoom.

    If you're in the Tarrytown, NY area, stop by our Tea Room. We offer Afternoon Tea, Toasted Tea Sandwiches, Scones with Cream & Preserves and Sticky Toffee Pudding! We'll be happy to serve you!

  10. Explore the World of Tea.

    We have over 250 different Teas on our site from all origins - India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan...you are sure to find a variety you love. Black, Green Oolong, Earl Grey, Chai - we have them all.

Make the most out of Hot Tea Month.  Tea - it's not just good for you but tastes great!

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