Samosas at Tea Time

Yesterday I collected my 2 trays of Samosas from the local Indian store. Our samosas are made in Queens, New York, in an authentic Indian kitchen and delivered to our local Indian store where we have a standard order each week for about 5 dozen pieces. In India, tea time in the afternoon is a meal and a chief accompaniment to tea is the ubiquitous vegetarian samosa filled with potatoes, peas, spices and served with mint or tamarind chutney.

Here in the US, you often find samosas served as an appetizer but in India, it is the in-between snack, something you crave when you're not quite ready for a meal but when you want a little more than a nibble. It's almost never served as an appetizer at lunch or dinner but as a mid-morning or afternoon snack. Indian movie theaters also serve samosas during Intermission.

At our tearoom, I am fascinated by its popularity. We have customers who travel miles for our samosas served with our home-made tamarind and cilantro chutneys and watch them pop these down, two at a time, spicy as they are, without so much as a thought or a sip of water. I have to alternate each bite with yoghurt or soup or cole slaw and I still feel the heat and spice of the chillies. And by the way, chilli heat is exacerbated with a drink of water - the best remedy is something neutral or sweet; try bread, crackers, potatoes or dessert!