Tea Cozies

 Nov 07, 2008 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Yesterday, a customer asked me what those 'hats' were at the next table. I realized he was referring to a Tea Cozy. "And why don't I get one of those", he asked. So for him and all those who have pondered this question, here's the official answer. Generally speaking, the tradition is to enjoy a cup of black tea while it is piping hot. This includes most breakfast teas, Assams, Keemuns, Yunnans, Earl Greys and similar teas. When served in a teapot, the 2nd and third cups naturally become cool as the teapot loses its heat. A Tea Cozy, constructed with special fabric, is placed over the teapot to retain the heat.

Green teas (as well as Oolongs and some Whites) do not follow this tradition. A very hot cup of green tea burns your palate and provides little taste. It is steeped with water not quite at boiling point and served thus, to allow the full flavor and taste of the tea to be present. Green teas are best enjoyed as they cool and multiple layers of flavor become apparent. These teas include China and Japan greens, Jasmines, Yin Zhen, Flowering Teas and great Oolongs.

So I explained to my customer that since he was enjoying a pot of Mei Lan Chun green tea, his teapot did not warrant a Tea Cozy while the next table which had Oaklands, Assam, did.
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