Tea Room Expansion

 Aug 01, 2009 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We finally received our approval yesterday from the Village of Tarrytown that our expansion plans are in order and we can now file for a permit to begin construction.  Can't come soon enough!  Our customers have been equal parts patient, excited and frustrated.  When are we expanding?  How long will we be closed?  Will we not have our usual holiday season festivities?  What about a private party in September?  And so it goes. So here's what we know for sure.  We should have all our papers in this month.  We should definitely begin construction in August.  Our aim is to build all around the current Tea Room and close the establishment for as few days as possible, to allow for the changes to be made in our current store.  At some point, the separating wall will need to come down.  New floors are also planned.  If you've noticed, last week, the air conditioning unit had a rather large leak as if to announce that the tiles need replacing!  So, for now, we're in a business-as-usual mode.  We will announce early and post prominently when we are about to close, on the blog, on our site and at our store.  And then we can all celebrate our Grand Opening together.  Thanks for your patience.

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