Separating wall gone...

 Sep 23, 2009 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

CIMG1082Well, we no longer have 2 stores - it is all one space now and even in this mess and craziness, I must say it feels good and one can finally see the possibilities.  We are still in the nitty-gritty - placement of pipes that need to be changed, light switches that no longer have a home, track lights with fixtures no longer available, shelves that can be shipped immediately but no brackets that match.....and so it goes.  Each day has its own challenges.  The low white wall in the foreground is in our current space and everything beyond that is the new space!  Those hanging lights, even though quite attractive, are already gone.  You can see we are now at the plastering stage.  Next step, painting!   Of course I simplify.  There are numerous stages to go through still, but one can dream.  And thank you to all those who have written and called acknowledging the e-mail announcement we sent you notifying you of our closing.  We appreciate all your thoughts and well wishes.  And we are equally appreciative of the many online tea orders.

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