Oct 11, 2009 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

MiniBar-Webpage-addition[1]-1No question, we love chocolates.  But not any chocolates.  For the Tea Room, we look for smaller bars, organic if possible, fair trade when available and a lower fat or calorie content in at least some of the selections.  For taste, we look for depth, purity and smoothness.  Over the years, we have perfected our tasting.  Those that others consider excellent, we discard without a thought!  We are fortunate in being able to taste a great many from the best available in the country.  We find them at Trade Shows, specialty trade magazines and, of course, samples. A new entant this year is Chocolove.  We found them at the Fancy Food Show and were immediately captivated by their simple, colorful packaging, stated cocoa content and extensive product line.  We narrowed it down to Raspberry, Cherry with Almonds, Toffee & Almonds and Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate.  The Toffee was excellent but we couldn't taste a bit of almond so that was out. The Cherry/Almond was a real disappointment, the tastes were barely discernible .  Our final selections were Raspberry and Orange.  These are 1.3 oz. bars made with Belgian chocolate.  Now we're exploring a concoction from another company called Funky Chunky.  Don't you love it.

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