Valentine's Day preparations

 Jan 31, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Tomorrow is February 1 - where did January go? We are working on specials for you - teas, menu specials on Sunday, Feb. 14 and lots of red and hearts for ambience.  This year's teas will be St. Valentine (Not for Lovers Only!), Passion Berry and a new one for the occasion, Sweet Tart.  Gina at the office came up with this brilliant idea to package it with the well-known heart-shaped candy.  More in a couple of days but here's the picture.

Have you and the other ladies ever heard of the Teashop Mystery Series by Laura Childs? Packaging your Valentine tea with the little candy hearts reminded me of these books. They are mysteries that all center around a (fictional) tearoom in Charleston, South Carolina. The stories are fun and very light reading, but I love all the talk about the tea blends, the special events in the tearoom, the way they decorate, and the recipes they include at the end of each book. I think anyone interested in tea would enjoy these books. They have fun names like Death by Darjeeling, or Gunpowder Green, or The English Breakfast Murders. Check them out!

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