Not For Lovers Only..

Amid snow and ice, it's so nice to be able to enjoy a few days of normalcy.  Today is one even though it began with a few flurries.  It's February and we're just getting around to our Teas on Sale as well as preparations for Valentine's Day.  By good fortune, we have a tea called St. Valentine's and it's gorgeous - black tea with raspberries, strawberries, rose, vanilla essence and a secret lover's potion.  We insist it's Not For Lovers Only!  We added Sweet Tart and Vintage Red to the collection to celebrate Cupid's Day.  For our varietals on sale this month, we selected Venture Estate, a magnificent Ceylon long leaf OP which is an organic and fairly traded tea.  This is our replacement for Koslanda, our original Organic Ceylon which is no longer being offered.  To round it all out, we included one of my all-time favorites - Pi Lo Chun, a high end green tea with complex notes of sweet, woodsy and fresh cut grass all in one.  White tipped, curly leaves make this a special treat.  We will have specials for Valentine's Day weekend at the Tea Room  - to follow in a future post.