A wee bit of green

This being March, Irish Breakfast is of course one of our teas on sale.  We also added the organic version of that - Celtic Cup - and included a few other popular teas to extend the 'green' theme and are offering all at a discount for this month.  Spring Jasmine, a house favorite was requested by a few customers and we rounded it off with a herbal blend, Mystic Mint.  The last is a flavorful blend of Holy Basil (Tulsi), spearmint, rosehips, lemon myrtle and linden blossoms.  On our website, we've also added the Green Tea Mints and a hunter green 4 oz. canister for this month's selections.  The green Chatsford teapot shown here is our recommended teapot - we use it for service and offer it for purchase. The Tea Room has already been decked out in dark green tablecloths with St. Patrick's Day decorations and wonderful Irish blessings everywhere. Sunday, March 13 is the Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow parade which goes right by our windows.  Offering a great view, we are usually busy that day.  We hope this year is no exception and we will have a special menu which will be posted next week.  March 17 is special for me - not only did I go to Catholic school but it's my Mom's birthday!  No other reason needed.