Customer Seating

 Feb 18, 2012 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We're paying the price for becoming too much of a home-away-from-home for some of our regular customers.  Now that we're no longer a small 20-seat tea shop but more like a full-fledged restaurant, with close to 40 seats, we have to plan and manage our space much more efficiently.  Some of our regular customers are so comfortable at Silver Tips that when they see their favorite table opening up, they just get up and move themselves even when they're in middle of their meal!  Alas!  We can no longer entertain this casualness.  Like all restaurants, we need to manage our space as we think best.   Once seated, random changes result in a duplication of cleaning, increased usage of linen, confusion about seats, errors in ordering and an overall disruption in our flow, not to mention potential of liability.  There will always be times when we will need to move customers to make space for an unforeseen situation.  That's our prerogative.  We may also hold in reserve a table set for 4 and not seat a party of 2 there at peak times - that's standard in the industry.  So as of this weekend, our entry sign that says 'Please Wait to be Seated' will now include a sentence that says, "If you must sit at your favorite table, you may have to wait until it is available.  Once we seat you, you cannot just move yourself!  There will be a charge if you do so.  Management reserves the right to seat customers".   Now if we can only stop customers coming into the Employees Only area behind the counter....

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