Behind the scenes at Silver Tips

 Apr 22, 2012 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We're installing a Point of Sale system tomorrow at the Tea Room.  For anyone who has gone through a similar change, you know how harrowing this can be.  For one thing, nothing quite works the first day.  And then there are all the unintended consequences one can never foresee.  So send good thoughts and prayers our way tomorrow because it will be a big change for us.  We're done with all types of cash registers - they no longer do the job for us.  We've known this for a while but the known misery was better than the unknown one. We're also finalizing our Groupon deal which should run late May.  We learned a few things last year so we will tweak the deal slightly and the Groupon people tell us that they have now doubled their subscriber base so we should expect a larger amount of Groupon sales this year.  Prior to the Groupon deal of course is Mother's Day - the busiest day of the year for us.  Our 4 seatings are slowly filling up but there are still plenty of tables available.  Mother's Day is one of those late-awareness holidays.  Suddenly everyone realizes on May 1 that they have made no plans and we get a rush of bookings.  So here's good warning - please reserve early. Finally, we're sampling new desserts which you will see over the coming weeks.  We've already introduced some new fruit and nut tarts and next will be some excellent cheesecakes followed by a line of authentic Italian gelatos mid-May.

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