Feedback from Groupon customer

 Jun 17, 2013 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

grouponPosted yesterday on our Groupon Merchant site:
Love this restaurant!
Thank you! A quick summary of how our Groupon is trending:
  • 70% of sales have been for the Mon-Thursday option.
  • 29% have been for the Fri-Sunday option.
  • 1% has been for the Scone/Tea/Tea Gift Box option.
We thought the 2nd and 3rd option would have done better than the Mon-Thursday option but we were wrong!   We are surprised at the very few sales of the Scone/Tea/Tea Gift Box option since we thought there was real substance in the Gift Box option and the price was a steal but I see that customers prefer the choice of coming in for Lunch and Tea at their choice rather than for the tea merchandise.  Something to learn for next time.

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