We're closing for 1 week...

 Aug 30, 2013 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Stocking upEvery September around Labor Day, we take some time off - it gives our people an opportunity to breathe and allows us the time needed for repairs and renovations.  This year we will be replacing our Tea Counter which has stood up valiantly all these years to the constant abuse of canisters, teapots, tea stains and countless applications of bleach.  Floors need re-surfacing in some areas, walls require re-touching, the kitchen exhaust fan needs a new motor and on it goes.  We have notified our customers, both regular and occasional, through posters, e-newsletter and Facebook and Blog postings.  We hope the message has been circulated.  And in the case of some of our most beloved customers, it was especially important to mark the dates because they have stocked up on tea two days in a row to ensure that they don't run out.  You think I'm making this up....please see the photograph e-mailed to us! For all of you who are inconvenienced - our Offices are open at 914-930 8892 and we are happy to make tea deliveries locally.  You can also order tea via the website www.silvertipstea.com and e-mail us at tea@silvertipstea.com.  We will be back on Saturday the 7th to get the place ready, prepare all the food and receive our deliveries and we hope to see all of you on Sunday, September 8th at 11 am when we re-open.

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