Some new things at the Tea Room

 Feb 01, 2014 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

makaibari plucking teaIt's just a few months away from the start of the tea manufacturing season in Darjeeling so we think it is the perfect time to put Makaibari 1st Flush 2013 on sale.  This is only available at the Tea Room since the website already offers Makaibari 2012 at a discount.  Our organic Darjeeling house blend, North Point, is  available on sale this month online.  Along with it we've included St. Valentine's Tea - this is February after all - and a few others.  Here's a preview of some other items we've been working at for the Tea Room:
  • A newly designed Comments Card - these are near the entrance of the Tea Room and will be available for you to fill out whenever you wish.  It gives you the opportunity to write a Comment, Compliment or Complaint.
  • A Satisfaction Survey which will be available for most of February.  We expect these to be available next week.  Our staff will offer them to you and it is entirely up to you whether you wish to include your name or contact information.   We're interested in the content of your responses so we can take note, make changes and serve you better.
  • Uniforms!  Yes, we're back to uniforms which we had in our early years.  This time we're most likely going with Black shirts and Dark Green aprons.  Stay tuned.
  • Update on Gluten-free Bread:  We're experimenting with a few but are finding it's not quite as easy as we thought - the loaves are smaller than our normal bread size and more expensive.  We're still trying out a few different brands and hoping to find a winner.

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