We're now in Zagat!

 Apr 23, 2014 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

zagatWe've been open close to 15 years and all along we've been asked by numerous customers why we are not listed in the Westchester Zagat.  We've encouraged everyone to write in and review us and finally, it happened!  Today we were called by Zagat and advised that not only did we make it into Zagat but that we were rated very high with favorable reviews.  We've ordered all the publicity materials that go along with this prestigious rating and soon you will see the plaque in the window.  Until then, you can read about it and share in our happiness.  And most importantly, thank YOU, our loyal customers for making this happen.  Here is one rating that we cannot influence - only our customers can rate us.  We will try hard to meet your expectations and get these ratings to be even higher!

Congratulations on your Zagat rating! It is certainly well deserved. I thought it was good that they said that novices need not worry, because it really is a place that anyone can enjoy even if they know nothing about tea. I have heard staff talking to newbees, and based on what the guest said, they were able to easily make a recommendation. I am on my way to South Carolina now and am going to visit a tearoom or two, but I know they can’t compare to Silver Tips, and I KNOW they don’t have a Zagat rating!!

Posted by Diane on Sep 16, 2015 02:46 PM

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