Customer Comments on Naming our New Teas

 Feb 28, 2015 |  Written by Anupa Mueller


Still a week to go before we make our decision.  If you haven't participated, here's your chance to name 3 of our new teas.  We also asked for comments and here's a sampling:

  • From one of our international friends:  If I win you can donate my prize...this was a great idea, enjoyed doing this so must have others and I'm sure you've got lots of great name options!
  • Silver Tips is so cool!
  • I had great fun thinking of names.
  • Love, Love the Tea Room!
  • Fun and Challenging!  Thank you!
  • Since I started ordering online, I haven't been going to see you and I miss Silver Tips.
  • Excited to try them all.  This was fun!  Thanks.
  • They all sound delicious!
  • I know.  I am not very imaginative!
I must say the collection of names received so far is quite impressive and we will definitely select from those.  So come on, play along!

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