Question on Makaibari Silver Tips

Here's a whole world of education through one customer's e-mail:

I received some Makaibari Silver Tips SKU 3200 from a friend.  It was ordered from your store.  It is delicious!  But I am curious, is this tea from 2014?  And also from your web site, it looks like a white tea - can you confirm this?  How long can i keep the tea if it is in its original package?  Should I put it in a tin?
Let's answer this in detail:
Yes, this is from 2014.  The 2015 season has not yet begun and even when it does, Makaibari Silver Tips is not necessarily manufactured with early Spring tea.  The ones we obtain are from mid to late season. Tea season in Darjeeling is from March - November. Yes, this is a white tea with minimal processing.  Tea can keep for well over a year if stored correctly - away from light, air and moisture.  It isn't necessary that it be transferred from our triple-insulated bags to a canister but it won't hurt it if it is.