Baking with Instant Chai

 Sep 22, 2016 |  Written by Kaitlyn Bestenheider

The start of Fall marks the beginning of the Season of Baking!  As the family host for holiday events, my family no longer find novelty in my usual recipes. I had to spice things up.  I finally found the recipe to do just that.

After working with tea for almost a year, I've discovered that you can't really think of spice without thinking of the distinct 'Masala' (spice) flavor of Chai blends. I've spent all summer making delicious milkshakes by adding just a little of our Instant Chai mix to the shake. I decided to do the same in my baking. I had a box of Pillsbury Apple Caramel cake mix which was a hit at Thanksgiving last year. Not being one to repeat treats, I figured it would be worth a shot blending it with Chai.

I mixed the cake as directed on the back and added a 1/2 cup of Masala Instant Chai. I baked it as directed. The aromas that came out of my oven were tantalizing and I knew I couldn't just top it with plain old vanilla icing. Thinking quickly, I added 4 tablespoons of the Instant Chai to the icing and blended well. 

I must say the results were better than I could have ever imagined.  My family, friends and colleagues at the office devoured them instantly!  I'm going to be using this all Fall long. Use my recipe or try your own.  All you need is our Instant Chai - there are 4 flavors - select the one you love. Of course you can also select one of our loose leaf Chai blends and use that in your cooking as well.  Happy Fall!

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