Is A Tea Subscription Right For You?

Is A Tea Subscription Right For You?

It’s too early to tell if Subscriptions are a passing fad.  What is true is that Subscriptions have cropped up for a wide range of products – some almost impossible to conceive.  The most obvious items that come to mind for a Subscription are Coffee, Fruit or Wine. But that’s just scratching the surface. Today you can sign up for Subscriptions for cool technology items, beauty products, treats for your dogs, crime-solving puzzles, razors, toothbrushes as part of an oral care box, productivity and wellness tips, toys, books, apparel, snacks and even socks. There are so many that curated lists can be found on the internet tailored to specific categories – for men, for kids, eco-friendly, for couples, for food. 

Part of the attraction appeals to our natural laziness – one less thing to do and the treats just keep on coming.  Another part of the charm is endless variety.  Yet another aspect is the surprise and expectation of something new arriving when you don’t expect it.  For vendors, it is an innovative way to offer their products and a new opportunity to expand their brand to customers.  Subscriptions often begin as a gift and can result in happy customers returning to purchase for their own use.

  • Do you drink the same tea every day and do you enjoy it?
  • Do you like change and surprise? Are you adventurous with your food?
  • Are you the only tea drinker in your family?
  • Are you a regular tea drinker (say, once a day) or an occasional tea drinker?
  • Do you like a wide variety of Teas – black, green, flavored, herbal?

  • If you are happy with what you drink and purchase the same tea repeatedly and love each cup, a Subscription may include selections that disappoint you. I drink an Organic Assam each morning and have no wish to drink anything else when I wake up.  We notice customers who re-order the same tea each month or two.  Sales, special offers or discounts don’t sway them – they stick to their hard-found, well-loved Tea.
  • If you like variety, tend to order different items from restaurant menus and delight in change and variety, a Tea Subscription may be just the thing for you. There are various kinds of Tea Subscriptions available so make sure you select one that works for you.  If you are a loose-leaf tea drinker, be careful that you don’t inadvertently end up selecting a teabag subscription box.  If you only like varietals (no flavors), make sure each shipment has just that and not a sampler of different kinds. If you must have non-caffeinated teas, again check that the subscription program you select offers an option for non-caffeinated or decaffeinated blends.
  • If you are the only tea drinker in your family, weigh the options. Figure out how much tea arrives with each selection and if you will be able to use up what is offered. If several teas are included each month, make sure the choices meet with your approval.
  • A common consequence of subscription boxes is that they can pile up and get stale and lose their freshness. If you are not a regular tea drinker, a subscription box may be too much tea for you. What began as a delight can end up as a burden.
  • Variety may seem like a welcome surprise until you realize that Tea comprises a vast world of selections. You may think of Tea as English Breakfast or Sweet Tea or Bubble Tea or Earl Grey.  But buyer beware – Tea can also mean Green tea or Rooibos or Lemongrass, Peppermint or Chai.  It can include fruity blends such as Mango, powdered Japanese Matcha or Yerba Maté. To avoid unpleasant surprises, read the selections offered in each Subscription Box with care.


The most popular use of a Subscription is of course to give it as a gift.  And a Tea Subscription makes a particularly appealing gift.  Most vendors will allow you to enclose a personal message and many companies offer a choice of types and duration.  We offer 7 different types of Plans and a Subscription length of 3, 6 or 12 months.  Our choices cover a wide range of preferences and have been designed for every experience level, whether a discerning tea connoisseur or a novice.  Popular teas as well as special vintages are included.  High-end premium offerings are part of our Masterful Tea Plan and for those interested in Organic, we offer a Natural Tea Plan.  Here’s a summary to win over any tea-lover:

  • Varietal:   A selection of black teas, straight teas from various origins, no flavored blends.
  • Essential:  Ideal for those who enjoy Green teas, Oolongs or White.
  • Tranquil:  For those who prefer less caffeine, this Plan only offers non-caffeinated or decaffeinated selections. 
  • Fruitful:  Consists of both caffeinated and non-caffeinated selections but with a distinctly fruity note.
  • Natural:  Only Organic selections are featured here. Some flavored blends are included but lean more heavily towards varietals.
  • Masterful:  Premier, high-end selections offered here including Flowering Teas, Silver Tips, and limited reserves.
  • Sequential:  Our mixed plan which features a combination of Varietal, Essential and Tranquil selections.  Only offered in a 6-month option. 

All our Tea of the Month Plans start with a complimentary boxed Brew Basket to allow for easy preparation, a Storage Canister and a Tea Measuring Scoop.  Every month’s selection includes a surprise which could be a Sample, Tips on Tea, Recipes or Treats – you never know!  Enjoy the surprise.

We have been rated one of the top 5 Tea of the Month Plans available and our customers who start off receiving it as a gift often become one of our loyal fans.  Try it – a Tea Subscription could be the perfect treat for you.