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Statue of Emporer Shen Nung - Silver Tips Tea Online Tea ShopLegend has it that Emperor Shen Nung was strolling through his garden, drinking his usual cup of boiled water, when a leaf from a nearby bush fell into this cup.  This was in 2737 B.C.  He was not only pleased with its taste but with early knowledge of herbal medicine, soon declared it to be medicinal drink.

In the sixteenth century B.C., the Taoist philosopher Lao-tzu also mentions tea in his great travels.  It is a fact that by 500 B.C., the people of Asia were drinking tea.  The first tea practices were primitive - boiling raw green leaves in water - resulting, no doubt in a bitter, nasty tasting drink.  Although...


 Jul 08, 2021  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Fair Trade in the news

Last week, an article by Times Online gained a lot of publicity for its coverage on, "Tea workers still waiting to reap Fair Trade benefits". It got picked up by the press in the U.S. and one of our customers even wrote to us personally and asked, "Do you know about this and are you addressing these problems"?

Most inspection and audit programs around the world have an element of trust and honor in them. The management or administrators are always capable of cheating those intended to benefit. Haven't we all heard of charitable institutions sidelining funds.

Fair Trade is no different. It depends on an annual on-site inspection accompanied by ongoing reporting. It does require the...


 Jan 07, 2009  |  Written by Kaitlyn Bestenheider


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