Flavored Tea Sampler

Flavored Tea Sampler

$ 28.00

We've selected some of our favorite Flavored Tea blends and included them in our Flavored Tea Sampler. Cherry Lemon is on a black tea base - tart and sweet.  Sencha Tropic is an unusual tropical Green tea blend with coconut and mango flavors.  French Quarter is an elegant black tea blend with lemon verbena, berry, mango and a hint of earl grey.  Each comes with precise steeping directions and great hot or iced.  A Canister and Measuring Scoop are included. Gift packaged in a gingham bag.

Allergens: Coconut in Sencha Tropic.

Cherry Lemon:

Use 1 heaped tsp. of leaf per 8 oz. cup.
Pour boiling water over leaves.
Steep 4 minutes.

Sencha Tropic:

Use 1 tsp. of leaf per 8 oz. cup.
Let boiling water cool slightly before pouring over leaves.
Steep 2 mins.
Can be re-infused.
Milk not recommended.

French Quarter:

Use 1 generous tsp. of leaf per 8 oz. cup.
Pour boiling water over leaves.
Steep 3-4 mins.

For more information on steeping tea, click here.

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