Earl Grey Teas

There are nearly as many legends surrounding Earl Grey as there are varieties.  The one we love is that the Earl Grey recipe was given to the Second Earl of Grey in the 1830's by a Chinese mandarin whose life had been saved by a British Diplomat.  But don't hold us to this!

Earl Grey today is one of the most popular blends in the world.  The unmistakable aromatic fragrance of bergamot makes it an Earl Grey.  We have all varieties online - on a black, on a Green, Decaf and even a non-caffeinated Rooibos base.

    • Gift box with Evergreen and Earl Grey Blue and treats
    • Evergreen Box

      A great gift all year long! Our gift box includes the very popular Earl Grey Blue & Evergreen, a green tea with cinnamon, orange, vanilla & almond.  Included are some gourmet treats, a measuring scoop as well as disposable filters to make the perfect cup. Tea - it's evergreen! *Tea...

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