• RELAX Basket -  This includes 2 oz each of Non-Caffeinated Selections: Rooibos Afrikana, Agni, an Herbal Blend & Cherry Jubilee, a fruit tisane - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts
    • RELAX Basket

      The perfect gift! This includes a Tea Mug & Infuser, a Canister, 2 ounces each of Non-Caffeinated Selections: Rooibos Afrikana, Agni, an Ayurvedic Herbal Blend and Cherry Jubilee, a fruit tisane, as well as a gourmet treat. All boxed and ready for you. (The pattern of the tea mug may...

      $ 35.00
    • REFRESH Basket - This tea gift basket includes a tea mug, a canister & several teas: Assam black tea, Blackcurrant & Zingy Tang - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts
    • REFRESH Basket

      The perfect gift sure to perk you up! This basket includes a Tea Mug & Infuser, a canister, a Tea trivet and an assortment of teas - a robust Assam black, Blackcurrant and Zingy Tang, a best-selling flavored green blend as well as a gourmet treat. All boxed with a bow....

      $ 35.00
    • SimpliciTea Basket - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts
    • SimpliciTea Basket

      A simple but elegant basket with a White Teapot with its own infuser basket, a bone china Tea Mug, an oven mitt, two teas - an Assam and a Flavored black - along with some treats. A gift for any season! The pattern of the tea mug and oven mitt...

      $ 55.00
    • Organic Tea Box - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts
    • Organic Tea Box

      Sure to please anyone - here's a simple Gift Box with an elegant hunter green canister filled with Organic Victoria's Cup, a robust breakfast tea. Select one other tea - yours to choose from 3 selections: Zingy Tang, Organic Herbal Chai, or Organic Ginger Peach. We've included a Tea infuser...

      $ 16.00
    • Cha Cha Chai Box - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts
    • Cha Cha Chai Box

      For all Chai lovers - this one is for you! We've packed a Gold canister full of the Original Chai blend and added two Samplers of Temple Chai & Herbal Chai Zing. Included are a Tea mug, a Tea Sock to steep your perfect cup of Chai, a measuring scoop...

      $ 26.00
    • Toasty Treats - Tea Gift Box with Chocolate Chai, Cranberry Orange, Mulling Spices, Evergreen blend, a Perfect Cup Scoop, assorted gourmet treats & disposable filters - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts
    • Toasty Treats

      Keep the winter chills away with our toasty selections for you - Chocolate Chai, Cranberry Orange tisane, Mulling Spices, Evergreen blend in a gold canister, a Perfect Cup Scoop to measure the right amount, assorted gourmet treats and some disposable filters. All arranged in a gift box, ready for you...

      $ 21.00


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