• Box of Bliss - 2 Premium Teas and Various Tea Gifts - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts New Products
    • Box of Bliss

      Our Box of Bliss is our Staff Favorite!  Not only does it have two premium teas, it also has a Tea Zen Candle, a handmade tea-scented Soap and everything you need to steep and enjoy your perfect cup. Treats & Extras included.  Bliss indeed! Choose from our 3 options: BLACK:...

      $ 44.00
    • Clarity Glass Teapot Gift Box - Flowering Teas, Scented Soaps, and a Glass Display Teapot - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts New Products
    • CLARITY Glass Teapot Gift Box

      Add some beauty to your life with this exquisite Tea Gift Box filled with delights. Experience the delicate unfurling of each Flowering Tea Ball and appreciate the skill required to hand-tie the leaves to form these amazing shapes. We've provided an elegant Bayou Glass Teapot to enjoy the beauty of...

      $ 47.00
    • Revive Gift Box with Red Teapot - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts New Products
    • REVIVE Gift Box

      Enjoy all things bright this holiday season! Our REVIVE Gift Box contains your choice of a Red or White Awaken Infuser Mug, our Tea Zen Candle, a selection of two Teas, and delicious Gourmet Treats.  A great way to celebrate all the moments of your life. Choose from 3 options: REFRESH: We've...

      $ 33.00
    • Serenity Gift Box - Calming Teas with Filters and Treats - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts New Products
    • SERENITY Gift Box

      Our SERENITY gift box has been specially-selected to bring you the tranquil balance of heart & mind.  Allow Calm & Balance into your life with any of our three Gift options. Disposable Filters & Treats included in each. EBONY:  This Gift Box includes two Black Teas - Earl Grey Blue and Noel, our...

      $ 31.00
    • Simplici-Tea Gift Box - Canisters and Jars of Loose Leaf Tea - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts New Products
    • SIMPLICI-TEA Gift Box

      Simple but Complete - you can't go wrong with our Simplici-Tea Box which has all the essentials for a great cup of Tea.  And best of all - you can choose your Teas.  We started with a generous Canister of a world-class Black Tea. For those who need less caffeine,...

      $ 29.00
    • Yellow Belle Teapot Gift Box - Cheerful Gift Box with a Yellow Teapot - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts New Products
    • YELLOW BELLE Teapot Gift Box

      Everyone needs a Teapot and this cheerful Yellow Teapot is just the ticket.  It comes with its own generous infuser, detachable lid for easy use and cleaning and holds approx. 3 cups of Tea. We've included 3 Tea options for you - choose from Bold Black Teas or Mild Green Teas...

      $ 29.00


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