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Gone are the days of the ubiquitous spoon-shaped metal tea infuser that probably still lingers in every kitchen!  Toss them out.  Whole leaf tea requires room to unfurl.  It is very easy to steep with one of our infuser baskets or disposable filters.

The Brew Basket comes individually boxed and consists of a fine mesh with a lid that can also serve as a coaster to hold the drips from the basket. The Disposable Filter allows you to make your own tea bag and your fine loose leaf tea can now travel with you anywhere. The Open Mesh Infuser Basket is a simple basket that fits most cups and pots.  It has no lid so it is better for Green and Oolong which are enjoyed best when not at boiling temperatures. 

All of them are easy to clean, dishwasher friendly and will last a long time.  

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