Jasmine Tea

Teas scented with flowers have been enjoyed in China for thousands of years.  Jasmine scented greens are the best known.  The aromatic flower blooms only at night which is when the teas are scented.  High grades are sometimes scented up to seven times while ordinary grades are scented up to three times.   Flowers can occasionally be found in jasmine tea but quality is usually determined by the intensity of the fragrance and the grade of tea.  Jasmine teas are very pleasing with strong-tasting foods and are both soothing and refreshing.

For more information on how Jasmine Teas are made, Click Here.  Try this refreshing Jasmine Iced Tea Lemonade, Click Here.

    • Mint Jasmine
    • Mint Jasmine

      A refreshing , energizing blend - this is a blend of Organic China Gunpowder Green, Organic Peppermint with a hint of Organic jasmine.  Great hot, excellent iced.  Add a splash of tonic or ginger ale, a sprig of mint and this can take you from Spring to Summer in a...

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