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Indulge in a first-rate cup from Darjeeling’s oldest tea garden: Makaibari Tea Estate. This Indian tea is world-famous for its peerless flavor, as well as its fair trade, biodynamic, and organic farming. Makaibari tea has revolutionized earth-friendly tea, and the results are without a doubt delicious. Our position as the selected U.S. distributor allows us to offer the freshest possible harvests, and we guarantee the quality and authenticity of each selection. Certified Organic, Biodynamic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance.

Now also offering Organic Jungpana Darjeeling - Black (North Point), Green and Silver Tips.  Certified Organic, Rainforest Alliance.

Experience the spirit of the Himalayas in a cup! 
First flush, Second flush, Autumnal, and North Point are Black Teas.

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