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    • Blue Canister - Lovely Patterned Tea Canister with Lid - Silver Tips Tea's Accessories New Products
    • Blue Canister

      An attractive, old-fashioned blue-patterned canister with the inscription, "Where There's Tea There's Hope". A fine sentiment indeed!  Well-made with a tight-fitting detachable lid, stands 3.25" high without the lid, holds approx. 4 ounces of tea. Height: Approx. 3.25" without lidWidth: Approx. 2.5"Depth: 2.5"Volume: Approx. 4 oz

      $ 4.00
    • Tea Time Mug New Products
    • Tea Time Mug

      A well-made ceramic mug with a sturdy handle and the words "tea time" on the front. Holds a generous 10 ounces. Available in  a warm Red or Green, speckled at the bottom, striped on the top. Volume: Approx. 10 ouncesHeight: Approx. 4"

      $ 11.00
    • Lucidity Glass Teapot New Products
    • Lucidity Glass Teapot

      This attractive Glass Teapot is perfect for watching your favorite Loose Leaf Teas as they steep. It holds approximately 26 ounces and comes with a stainless steel strainer. Individually boxed for safe transit and easy gifting! Volume: 765 ml (Approx. 26 oz)

      $ 32.00
    • White Teapot, Japan New Products
    • White Teapot, Japan

      A simple, elegant Teapot with its own Infuser Basket.  Made in Japan. Available on its own or with two matching cups. Also check out our Green/Black option. Volume: Teapot: Approx. 16 fl. oz. Cup: Approx. 6 fl. oz. Height: Teapot: Approx. 4" Cup: Approx. 3.25"

      $ 24.00
    • Green Teapot, Japan - Silver Tips Tea's Accessories New Products
    • Green Teapot, Japan

      Beautifully glazed Teapot with its own Infuser Basket.  Made in Japan.  Also check out our White/Green option.   Volume: Approx. 18 fl. oz. Height: Approx. 4"

      $ 24.00


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