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At Silver Tips Tea, we source the finest organic loose leaf teas the world has to offer. Fresh, seasonal, and handcrafted, our selection includes the healthiest, best-tasting organic loose teas you can find. From full-bodied black teas to mellow, fragrant jasmines and zesty herbal blends, Silver Tips Tea has something for everyone’s taste. Browse our premium organic teas online to buy classic favorites or discover new flavors.

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The World’s Purest Teas

Many tea companies claim to offer organic teas. But in many instances, these organic labels are marketing gimmicks. Like all agricultural crops, tea is grown all over the world using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Only a few tea estates around the world have made the daunting commitment to farm organically and be inspected annually by independent certifying bodies to maintain their organic status.

Here at Silver Tips Tea, we source our organic loose leaf teas only from USDA Certified Organic producers. This means our suppliers have undergone stringent onsite inspections and received verification of purity by a US federal agency. We are especially proud of our Makaibari selections. The Makaibari Estate in Darjeeling pioneered organic tea farming and was certified biodynamic (the most stringent form of organic farming) in the early 1990s.

Enjoy the Wonders of Tea

Tea is more than just a beverage. Flavorful, aromatic, and visually appealing, drinking tea is a rewarding experience that is good for the body and soul. Along with being comforting, organic loose teas also deliver plenty of health benefits. Tea can lower inflammation, boost your immune system, reduce the risk of cancer, and ward off heart disease. And if all of that wasn’t enough, drinking tea also combats stress and uplifts your mood.

If you’re looking for high-quality organic teas online, Silver Tips Tea offers the best and most diverse selection. Black, green, white, fruity, and floral ⏤ we have it all. With so much to choose from, our organic loose leaf teas can satisfy any tea lover. Try our organic popular blends to taste some of the world’s most beloved tea flavors. And don’t forget to check out what’s on sale and clearance, so you can enjoy the wonders of tea and save money.