Sales and Specials

Every month, we select several teas and offer them at a discount.  Our Sale Teas can be seasonal selections, new arrivals, overstock items or premium teas. Our selection is large so we never repeat an item in a year. Every once in a while, we discontinue a tea and we then offer it as a clearance.  Check back here often - you can find some gems!


    • St. Valentine - Black tea with red fruits, rose and vanilla - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea Sale
    • Rose Garden/St. Valentine

      For all Tea Lovers!  Black tea with red fruits, rose and vanilla. Sensual, aromatic, gorgeous, packed in a red bag! Love blooms everywhere! *OFF-SEASON SPECIAL* Try our St. Valentine Cupcake recipe. A Chocolate cupcake with St. Valentine Tea infused in the buttercream frosting. Get the recipe HERE! Use 1 tsp....

      $ 15.58 $ 8.00


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