“Progress is impossible without change, and without change, there is no progress”

- Chinese Proverb

Silver Tips Tea Room - Time for a change - Silver Tips Tea18 years ago we were convinced that Tarrytown needed a change. It needed Tea.  With its eclectic character, the town required a place where it was perfectly acceptable to relax, pause a while, have a bite, sip Tea and perhaps even do nothing.  Silver Tips Tea Room was that change. With our already-existing knowledge of Tea from our wholesale business, Eco-Prima Tea, we welcomed the curiosity of a novice tea drinker and the thirst of the discerning tea connoisseur.  From bridal & baby showers to anniversaries and birthday, many precious moments were shared here.

As years passed, kids got older and moved away, and more families from out of town began to share moments at our Tea Room. There were increasing calls and requests to ship teas across the country.  It was evident that Silver Tips Tea Room needed to change in order to progress. A small online store www.silvertipstea.com was begun, offering the same exceptional service and care for exquisite teas that we had promoted at the Tea Room.  It was welcomed wholeheartedly by our patrons.

Once again, 18 years later, in order to progress, we need to change. The incredible response from our patrons for our tea website as well as the success of our wholesale operations has been heartening & overwhelming. It was clear that we were stretching ourselves too thin. After many months of debate and contemplation, we came to a tough decision. As of March 26, 2018, we have closed our Tea Room in Tarrytown, New York, so we may better serve our wholesale and online patrons with the same quality of service that they deserve and have come to expect from us.

We carry immense gratitude with us and will forever remember our customers and friends who visited us at the Tea Room over the past 18 years and had Tea with us.  It was our pleasure to serve you and share our love of Tea with you. 

Thank you for having given us a reason to keep our doors open for 18 years.  We will miss your conversations and friendships and the many moments we spent with you.  We hope you accompany us on our journey and progress with us.  A new chapter begins for us and we hope your days and years ahead will still be filled with many cups of Tea.


I heart Teas

Your Friends at Silver Tips Tea



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