Iced Tea - 2-Pack

Iced Tea - 2-Pack

$ 4.00

No measuring, no fuss - just steep our pre-measured 1-gallon teabags in hot water and you have 16 cups of Iced Tea in 5 minutes. And unlike supermarket Iced Teas, ours is real tea - not a powder or mix - with no sugar added.  We offer 6 varieties:

Plain Black Iced Tea
Organic Green

Each pack has 2 teabags - enough to make 32 cups total. Directions for easy steeping are on each pack.

Keep cool this summer with our refreshing Iced Tea. Makes a great gift!

Also available in 4-Pack Tins.

USDA Organic

Steep 1 teabag in 8 cups of hot water for 5-6 minutes (2-3 for Organic Green).
Add 8 cups cold water.
Fill glasses with ice and pour the tea over ice.
Makes 16 cups total.

These instructions are printed on every bag.
For more information on steeping tea, click here.



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