Iced Tea - 4-Pack

Iced Tea - 4-Pack

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No measuring, no fuss - just steep our pre-measured 1-gallon teabags in hot water and you have refreshing Iced Tea in a few minutes. And unlike supermarket Iced Teas, ours is real tea - not a powder or mix and without any added sugar.

Select from 6 varieties:
Original Black 
Peach Apricot

Organic Green

Each Pack holds 4 teabags, and each teabag makes 1 Gallon of Iced Tea. That's 64 cups in total!  Flavored Iced Teas are on a black tea base.  Directions for easy steeping are included.  

Keep cool this summer! Use it at home, take it with you on vacation or pick it up for a great gift!


USDA Organic

Steep 1 teabag in 8 cups of hot water for 5-6 minutes (2-3 mins. for Organic Green).
Add 8 cups cold water.
Fill glasses with ice and pour the tea over ice.
Makes 16 cups total.

For more information on steeping tea, click here.



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