Makaibari 1st Flush Reserve

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 A new First Flush Reserve 2022 has been procured and we hope to have it for you by early June.  Enjoy the last of this current lot.  It is unusual in the leaf style - long, uncut leaves with greenish tips, a style usually not employed for first flush Darjeeling teas.  The cup is pleasantly floral with very little astringency.   Described by a customer as "the best Darjeeling in a long time and definitely worth the wait".  Experience it for yourself - now at a steep discount! Certified Organic, Biodynamic & Fair Trade.  For 2021 current season stock, click here.

Fair Trade

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Steeping Instructions

Use 1 Tbsp. leaf  per  8 oz. cup.  
Pour boiling water over leaves.  
Steep 3 mins.
Milk is not recommended.