Makaibari Oriental Beauty

Makaibari Oriental Beauty

$ 12.00

Exquisite Limited Edition Tea!  This is Makaibari's homage to the celebrated Formosa Grand Oolong Fancy leaf style, sometimes known as Oriental Beauty or White-tipped Amber Oolong.  Notice the carefully manufactured long leaf style with white/silver tips which is the characteristic requirement of this style.  It is mild and floral in the cup and manufactured with some oxidation.  We bought all of it so and this is an exclusive lot just for us. Makaibari Estates in Darjeeling, India once again pioneers a style of tea not usually associated with the region.  Recommended for those who appreciate 2nd flush Darjeeling as well as Silver Tips.  Certified Organic, Biodynamic and Fair Trade. Specially Packed in a 3.5 oz. (100 gm) foil bag. 

USDA Organic Fair Trade Certified

Use 1 Tablespoon leaf per 8 oz. cup.
Pour boiling water over leaves.
Steep 3 mins.

These instructions are printed on every bag.
For more information on steeping tea, click here.



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