Makaibari Tea Sampler

Makaibari Tea Sampler

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From the renowned Organic/Biodynamic and Fair Trade tea estate in Darjeeling, enjoy 3 types of Black and Green Tea.  We included the 1st and 2nd Flush Black Teas as well as our very popular Long Leaf Green, a mellow and floral green without any vegetal notes. Steeping directions are on each label and they should be followed closely since over-steeping Darjeeling teas can lead to a bitter cup.  A Measuring Scoop and Canister have been included.  All gift-packaged in a Gingham Bag.

Style or color of Canister and/or Bags may vary.

USDA Organic Fair Trade Certified

Makaibari 1st Flush 2018:

Use 1 tsp. leaf  per  8 oz. cup.  
Pour boiling water over leaves.  
Steep 2 to 2.5 mins.  
Milk is not recommended.

Makaibari 2nd Flush 2018:

Use 1 tsp. leaf per 8 oz. cup.
Pour boiling water over leaves.  
Steep 3.5 mins.

Makaibari Long Leaf Green:

Use 1 Tbsp. leaf  per 8 oz. cup.  
Let boiling water cool slightly before pouring over leaves.  
Steep 2 mins.  
Can be re-infused.  
Milk not recommended.

For more information on steeping tea, click here.



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