Starter Kit 1

Starter Kit 1

$ 24.00

This Starter Kit includes a fine mesh Brew Basket to make a perfect cup of tea anytime, a Tea Scoop with which to measure the right amount of tea and 2 ounces each of 3 teas to get you started. Choose from 2 options - Straight Teas (Varietal) or Flavored:

Varietal Option:  Includes 3 teas - a robust Assam breakfast tea, a mild Darjeeling black and Gunpowder, a mellow China Green.

Flavored Option:  Includes 3 teas - Cherry Lemon Black, Zingy Tang Green and Rooibos Afrikana, one of our Non-Caffeinated bestsellers. 

Comes packed in a gift box with steeping instructions and a gourmet treat to accompany your first cup of Tea!  Get started on your own Tea journey!

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