2021 Season

The 2021 Makaibari Season

We have new season inventory available for you.  1st and 2nd flush are here as well as new lots of Long Leaf Green and Silver Tips.  There are still significant disruptions to the supply chain, mostly due to lack of vessel space and reduced sailings.  Every stage of the chain is experiencing price increases but we are not passing on all our increases to you, particularly for our Makaibari teas which are our specialty.  As new lots come in, we will post them prominently on our home page and notify you through our Newsletters.  

For fans of Makaibari - our teas are guaranteed & authentic Makaibari and we will support it with specific lot numbers, origin details and harvest nuances. We stand by it!

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Previous Season:
As usual, the previous season's teas are available at a discount.  Keep in mind, we are the only company that clearly distinguishes between season and we will not pass off old stock as new.  You have our word on it - it is our guarantee to you.