Green Tea

Green teas are not just good for you, they taste great!  The most common mistakes made in steeping green tea are using too much leaf and steeping too long.  Follow some basic guidelines and you will have a perfect cup – light, refreshing, relaxing and flavorful.  Steeping incorrectly can result in a bitter brew. Try China greens for a mellow taste.  Try Japan greens for a slightly more vegetal, astringent taste.  Our flavored Green blends are carefully selected.  We've arranged them by Varietals followed by Flavored but you can view them by using the various filters provided - by origin, flavor, organic or fair trade.

    • Gunpowder - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Gunpowder

      Full tea leaves rolled into little gunpowder-like pellets. An excellent tea for first-time green tea drinkers. Mellow, earthy, not too vegetal.

      $ 2.76
    • Young Hyson - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Young Hyson

      A well known Green tea from China producing a light, sweet cup, not too vegetal, not too sweet, very enjoyable for a daily cup of green.

      $ 2.76
    • Organic China Sencha - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Organic China Sencha

      The classic flat-leaf style from China. Not as astringent as a Japanese sencha but still pleasantly vegetal. Can withstand multiple steepings and best enjoyed with a short infusion.

      $ 5.75
    • Green Dew, Org/ F Trade - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Green Dew, Org/ F Trade

      From Zheijang province in south east China. Bright green leaf, light infusion, slightly fruity in taste with a mild vegetal note. Sometimes called 'Five Peaks' or 'Jade Cloud'.  

      $ 7.10
    • Mao Zhen - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Mao Zhen

      A moderately priced Organic China Green with dark, wiry leaves with some silver tips. A nutty cup with mild astringency. A very good daily Green.

      $ 5.20
    • Mao Feng Green, Organic - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Mao Feng Green, Organic

      Organic - classic hair needle leaf. A light, sweet cup with slight astringency.

      $ 5.96
    • Lung Jing (Dragonwell) - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Lung Jing (Dragonwell)

      Organic Dragonwell - the famous flat leaf tea from China. Steeps a characteristic yellow-green cup with a pleasant astringency, good finish, easy to enjoy. Bright leaf color, well-manufactured. Spelled variously - Lung Ching / Long Jing / Lung matter, it is still the renowned Dragonwell tea!

      $ 8.98
    • Lu An Gua Pian - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Lu An Gua Pian

      One of China's 10 famous teas. Often called Melon Slice or Melon Seed. Smooth & balanced with a pleasant grassiness. The second infusion retains only a sweet afternote. Try it!

      $ 8.76
    • Lily Yin Hao - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Lily Yin Hao

      Exquisite white-tipped, stylish green leaves with lily blossoms. When infused, it is a fragrant cup. Multiple infusions, each 20 seconds longer than the last, will result in a mild and wonderful cup with a lingering fruity and floral note. Recommended.

      $ 9.26
    • Pi Lo Chun - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Pi Lo Chun

      Naturally sweet, yellowish-green infusion. Curly, style, white-tipped leaves. A green tea for special occasions. One of our best. Highly recommended.

      $ 13.00
    • Mei Lan Chun Orchid Plum - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Mei Lan Chun Orchid Plum

      Grown in high mountain regions, surrounded by mist, this tea 'Spring Orchid Plum' is difficult to obtain. From a slow-growing varietal called Mei Tsan, it begins with a floral light note and ends sweet and slightly fruity. Good, lingering aftertaste and complex in character. A treat both in stunning needle-like...

      $ 13.50
    • White Blossom Green - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • White Blossom Green

      From Central China, this tea is sometimes called White Monkey. With well-defined long leaves with white downy tips, it has good body with a pronounced sweet note. One of our premium Organic Greens.

      $ 9.48