Tea Samplers

Not sure where to begin?  Too many to choose from?  Like to try something new?  A sampler may be the perfect answer.  You have a wide choice – Black, Green, Flavored, among a few. Our Samplers contain several teas, a canister and tea scoop, packed in a jute bag with a tag and steeping instructions for all teas.

And don't forget our Starter Kits which provide everything you need to make the perfect cup.  Enjoy your tea tasting experience.  And, as always, let us know what you think!

    • Black Tea Sampler - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts
    • Black Tea Sampler

      Black Tea is still the most popular of all the teas.  Here's a perfect way to try them.  We've included approximately 2 ounces each of 3 types - Manjushree Estate Assam, Kenilworth Ceylon and Organic Makaibari Estate Darjeeling Autumnal.  A Measuring Scoop and Canister have also been included. Gift packaged...

      $ 28.00
    • Green Tea Sampler - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts
    • Green Tea Sampler

      Not sure which Green Teas to try?  Our Sampler makes it easy.  We've selected 3 types of Green Teas from China and Japan and added a Canister and Measuring Scoop.  Gunpowder Green is a mellow China Green, perfect for first-time green tea drinkers.  Genmaicha from Japan is a fun, nutty,...

      $ 28.00
    • Makaibari Tea Sampler - Try some Delicious Makaibari Teas - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts
    • Makaibari Tea Sampler

      From the renowned Organic/Biodynamic and Fair Trade tea estate in Darjeeling, enjoy 3 types of Black and Green Tea.  We included the 1st and 2nd Flush Black Teas as well as our very popular Long Leaf Green, a mellow and floral green without any vegetal notes. Steeping directions are on...

      $ 28.00
    • Flavored Tea Sampler - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts
    • Flavored Tea Sampler

      We've selected some of our favorite Flavored Tea blends and included them in our Flavored Tea Sampler. Cherry Lemon is on a black tea base - tart and sweet.  Sencha Tropic is an unusual tropical Green tea blend with coconut and mango flavors.  French Quarter is an elegant black tea...

      $ 28.00
    • Decaf/Non-Caffeine Sampler - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts
    • Decaf/Non-Caffeine Sampler

      Our Decaf/Non-Caffeine Sampler is full of flavor and taste!  We've included 3 types of teas - each different in base.  One is a naturally non-caffeinated Rooibos base - Red Jamaica - with Coconut & Vanilla. The 2nd is a Fruit Tisane, South Pacific, with Passionfruit & Orange and chunks of...

      $ 28.00


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