• Box of Bliss - 2 Premium Teas and Various Tea Gifts - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts New Products
    • Box of Bliss

      Our Box of Bliss is our Staff Favorite!  Not only does it have two premium teas, it also has a Tea Zen Candle, a handmade tea-scented Soap and everything you need to steep and enjoy your perfect cup. Treats & Extras included.  Bliss indeed! Choose from our 3 options: BLACK:...

      $ 44.00
    • Revive Gift Box with Red Teapot - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts New Products
    • REVIVE Gift Box

      Enjoy all things bright this holiday season! Our REVIVE Gift Box contains your choice of a Red or White Awaken Infuser Mug, our Tea Zen Candle, a selection of two Teas, and delicious Gourmet Treats.  A great way to celebrate all the moments of your life. Choose from 3 options: REFRESH: We've...

      $ 33.00
    • Serenity Gift Box - Calming Teas with Filters and Treats - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts New Products
    • SERENITY Gift Box

      Our SERENITY gift box has been specially-selected to bring you the tranquil balance of heart & mind.  Allow Calm & Balance into your life with any of our three Gift options. Disposable Filters & Treats included in each. EBONY:  This Gift Box includes two Black Teas - Earl Grey Blue and Noel, our...

      $ 31.00
    • Simplici-Tea Gift Box - Canisters and Jars of Loose Leaf Tea - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts New Products
    • SIMPLICI-TEA Gift Box

      Simple but Complete - you can't go wrong with our Simplici-Tea Box which has all the essentials for a great cup of Tea.  And best of all - you can choose your Teas.  We started with a generous Canister of a world-class Black Tea. For those who need less caffeine,...

      $ 29.00
    • Yellow Belle Teapot Gift Box - Cheerful Gift Box with a Yellow Teapot - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts New Products
    • YELLOW BELLE Teapot Gift Box

      Everyone needs a Teapot and this cheerful Yellow Teapot is just the ticket.  It comes with its own generous infuser, detachable lid for easy use and cleaning and holds approx. 3 cups of Tea. We've included 3 Tea options for you - choose from Bold Black Teas or Mild Green Teas...

      $ 29.00


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