Makaibari 1st Flush 2022

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We sampled several and chose the best for you, our discerning 1st flush fans.  Excellent quality - leaves with greenish silvery tips, some astringency in the cup and a fresh floral taste.  

First Flush is the prize crop of Darjeeling, called 'the champagne of teas". These are are the first picks of the year, slightly astringent, and an underlying floral tone to the cup. A short steep recommended. Enjoy the spirit of the Himalayas - Organic, Biodynamic & Fair Trade. For other Makaibari teas, click here.

Fair Trade

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Steeping Instructions

Use 1 tsp. tea leaves per 8 oz. cup.

Pour boiling water over leaves.

Steep 2.5 to 3 mins.

Milk is not recommended.

Tea Education

After the bushes have been dormant all winter long, the first showers around February or March stir the bushes and the early spring leaves produce a glorious leaf. The first day of plucking on the estate is called Paila Patti (First Leaf) and celebrated with gifts to workers and a blessing of the estate and season ahead. 1st flush is astringent - crisp and sharp - and enjoyed best at a short steep without milk or sugar. The infused leaves have a distinct greenish hue, a mark of quality, sometimes mistaken for a green tea which is incorrect. For those who need slightly more body to their Darjeeling, 2nd flush or Autumnal would be a better option. 1st Flush is my daily cup all year round.