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Chai is the universal term for "tea" in many countries, including India, China, Japan, and some parts of Russia. The word "chai" in the U.S., however, has come to mean "masala" or a "spiced" tea that’s already combined with milk and sugar. We invite you to try any of our satisfying loose leaf chai blends from Silver Tips Tea today. To learn more about this comforting drink, read our blog.

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A Diverse Selection of Chai Blend Teas

All of our chai blends start with real tea and authentic spices—no mixes or powders here! Each features a tea base, like traditional black tea or caffeine-free rooibos. On top of that base, we add a unique mixture of spices and flavor notes to bring out the best in our loose leaf chai teas. 

Choose a traditional blend of cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla, or try our modern take on chai with chocolate, coconut, and turmeric varieties. Who knows? You might discover your favorite new steep in one of our more unusual tea blends!

Shop at an Established Tea House

At Silver Tips Tea, we offer years of experience sourcing organic, fair trade, and kosher teas—handpicked to captivate your senses. While we could let our award-winning blends speak for themselves, we want you to know that we’re here as an expert resource for all tea drinkers! 

Shop our selection of loose leaf chai, check out our Pumpkin Chai Recipe, and discover more adventures for your taste buds at Silver Tips Tea! If you have any questions about our chai blend teas, reach out to the team today.