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  The title, Manager, Tea Estate, seems so unassuming.  In actual fact though, the Manager of a Tea Estate is, in equal parts, king, champion, shepherd, COO and tea master.  At most tea gardens in India, the highest ranking person is The Manager.  He wields absolute authority and is the...
  •   Aug 29, 2018
Matcha is versatile.  Already famed as a energizing, healthy drink, it has now found its way into many delicious foods.  Probably the best known is Mochi Green Tea Ice Cream served in many Japanese restaurants.  Inside a soft sticky rice cake is a mouth-watering Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream.  Other...
  •   Jul 20, 2018
We are often asked – what do we do with Matcha?  How do we use it?  Here are simple directions: First, you need a bowl (chawan), whisk (chasen) and small spoon, usually a bamboo scoop (chashaku). Place a small amount, about 2 – 4 gms of Matcha into the bowl. ...
  •   Jul 17, 2018


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