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February 29th comes around once every 4 years so we asked you to tell us what you would do with your extra day this year. The response was incredible. Thanks to everyone who played along! We selected our 3 winners from among them - Lori, Joyce, and Thomas - and...
  •   Mar 04, 2020
In the late 19th century, the English basically had two meals a day – a hearty breakfast with meat and bread, and then dinner.  The Duchess of Bedford, it is said, needed an in-between meal to get her through this long period between these two meals.  She began serving finger...
  •   Feb 28, 2020
February - the month of Love! Everyone says I love you with flowers and candies, but tea-infused cupcakes may just be the way to the heart!  Our chocolate cupcake is infused with Black tea. Try using Assam TGFOP or Grand Keemun. The Buttercream frosting is infused with our very own St....
  •   Feb 14, 2020


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