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Legend has it that Emperor Shen Nung was strolling through his garden, drinking his usual cup of boiled water, when a leaf from a nearby bush fell into this cup.  This was in 2737 B.C.  He was not only pleased with its taste but with early knowledge of herbal medicine,...
  •   Feb 14, 2019
January – a time for new beginnings, a fresh healthy start – perfect for National Hot Tea Month. It’s cold outside and a hot cup of tea can warm up your resolve and your body.  Here are some ways you can celebrate the versatility of Tea: BE MINDFUL WITH TEAMake...
  •   Jan 15, 2019
  Hello 2019 and welcome to the month of new beginnings. Here’s a shot at starting again, fixing those areas that need adjusting, improving where we must and trying different ways to get to the goal post.  We did some collective introspecting about life and Tea and here’s what we...
  •   Jan 08, 2019


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