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It's during this time of the year, when we all seem to be in a rush, that receiving an email from a satisfied customer is a wonderful and welcome surprise! Thank You Ron, we appreciate your thoughtfulness and most of all we appreciate your continued business!
  •   Dec 12, 2018
Well, here it is again - our annual Sale on Toasted Almond, a runaway favorite.  What is it with this blend!  If you've ever been to a Cinnabon bakery where they've just made a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls, then you will understand the very special invitation of Toasted Almond. ...
  •   Nov 14, 2018
Today is Veterans Day.  If you're one of those for whom this only conjures up an old army soldier with Korean War emblems, you need to change your thinking.  They may be sitting at the desk next to you.  Veterans number in the thousands and have served in wars and in the...
  •   Nov 11, 2018


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