FREE Tea Sample & Cookie! It's Afternoon Tea Week!

This is Afternoon Tea Week so we're celebrating it by including a FREE sample of Afternoon Delight Blend & a delicious Shortbread Biscottea with Every Order. Plus our fun postcard on High Tea vs. Afternoon Tea. So get out the tea cups and let's have Tea!
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Who doesn't like a Sale? We offer several Teas at a discount and change them every few weeks. They include your year-round favorites as well as seasonal specialties.

We include all varieties - Black, Herbal, Flavored - so enjoy the savings. We sometimes include Canisters, Tea Scoops, as well as Mugs and Teapots.

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Start Your Tea Journey

Wondering about the best methods to steep tea, find a variety just for you, or learn some tips for using loose-leaf tea for the first time? We're dedicated to helping you get the most out of your specialty tea.

Start your tea journey by exploring our Basics of Tea and our Frequently Asked Questions in our Tea Education section. Learn all the details about brewing and drinking tea.

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Dozens of Flavorful Varieties

From fragrant, non-caffeinated Rooibos to robust, aromatic Earl Grey, we carry dozens of specialty tea varieties to fulfill every tea lover’s dreams. We know every tea variety’s origins, seasonality, and freshness, and we’re completely upfront with our customers about every detail behind our tea. Quality is highly important to us. Every tea at our loose leaf tea shop is carefully selected, and there are plenty of varieties to choose from! Not sure where to start? Explore popular tea varieties like Black Tea, Green Tea, and spicy Chai Blends. We’re confident everyone can find a specialty tea variety to fall in love with.

A teacup, spoon, and saucer serving speciality tea

Try Our Tea of the Month Program

Are you interested in traveling around the tea world to find new and unique flavors? We designed this program for people like you! 

Our specialty Tea of the Month program will deliver you a fresh new taste you may never have experienced before, each chosen by our Silver Tips Tea connoisseurs. A delicious blend from our loose leaf tea shop every month makes a wonderful gift for any tea lover in your life, as well as a lovely treat for yourself.

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The Rich Benefits of Tea

If stress relief and other remedies are what you’re after with specialty tea, you’re in the right place. Many varieties can have powerful natural wellness benefits, from a sense of calm and relaxation to digestive aids or allergy relief.

Explore Herbal/Wellness Blends at our loose leaf tea shop, as well as popular tea blends like Earl Grey and other Black Teas. We also offer many decaffeinated varieties you can drink any time of day.

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The Legend of

Makaibari Tea Estate

Our founders grew up in the home of the “Champagne of Tea”: Darjeeling, India. From our tea-steeped roots to our family heritage in the Makaibari tea plantation, tea practically runs in our veins. We have a place in our hearts for specialty tea, and we invite you to experience unique blends with us. Find your favorite variety at our loose leaf tea shop!

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