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Customers often write to us after having tasted our teas at local coffee shops or tea rooms.  We have had requests from around the corner and as far away as Oregon.  The two teas most inquired about are the Iced Passion Berry tea and, of course, Toastd Almond which enjoys...
  •   Sep 12, 2019
The New York Times recently carried an important article on the significant value of consuming flavonoids.  This is a nutrient found in plant foods and may reduce the risk for cancer and cardiovascular death.  Tea is a good source. They cited a study from Nature Communications that used data from...
  •   Aug 29, 2019
If you're someone who sneezes through the Spring, suffers from runny eyes and the sniffles, you know how miserable this season can be. You're not alone.  Studies indicate that over 25% of the population is affected by allergies which can be triggered by pollen, animal dander, specific foods, air pollution, dust...
  •   Aug 27, 2019


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