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The Silver Tips Tea Company has a thriving online presence as well as an actual Tea Room serving Breakfast and Lunch in Tarrytown, NY.  Effective April 2018, I have decided to focus on our growing online business as well as our wholesale company, and I will be closing the Tea...
  •   Mar 08, 2018
Stress is a major part of everyday life in this modern world of ours. We've all felt it. School. Work. Family. Relationships. That one jerk on the freeway. Money. Politics. Health. Money again. Sometimes it's just too much. Everyone has different ways of coping. For me, I've found the best way...
  •   Feb 21, 2018
It's the Year of the Dog - Man's best friend - loyal, smart, and lively. The Chinese believe that a dog coming to your house is a sign of coming fortune. This is Harley's Year.  That's her above, ready for the bright lights. She's already been the star of many...
  •   Feb 16, 2018


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