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Chances are, if you drink Black, Green, Oolong or White Tea on a daily basis, you've never experienced an adverse reaction.  I'm talking about regular, straight tea in its finest, purest form - nothing added.  Sometimes, we refer to these as Varietals.  But Tea has evolved.  We flavor them, add...
  •   18 Jan, 2017
Two months ago, we received an intriguing e-mail.  One of our customers explained to us that on November 4, 2014, he had his first date with his girlfriend at our 'beautiful tea room'. Now, two years later, he was ready to ask her to be his wife and would we...
  •   14 Jan, 2017
For me, the beginning of a new year is teeming with resolutions, but how many of them will actually last the whole year, a month or even the week? Like so many others, I’m not yet retired from a busy life. With a demanding job, children to raise, bills to...
  •   13 Jan, 2017


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