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Chrysanthemums in your Tea?  Oh yes.  Flowers have been used in food for centuries.  In fact, the first mention of it goes all the way back to 140 B.C. The Romans and Greeks used the yellow calendula (also called marigold) and even the Bible mentions dandelions.  Ancient South American histories...
  •   May 15, 2018
  After a rainy, dreary April, finally some sun and cheer today on the first day of May.  We celebrate the beginning of this month by the arrival of our Darjeeling Air Freight.  This will be Makaibari's Lot 10/2018 which means it was the tenth batch manufactured this year.  Unlike...
  •   May 01, 2018
  Hard to believe it is almost 50 years since the concept of Earth Day was introduced.  On April 22, 1970, about 20 million Americans took to the streets in answer to Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson's call for a "national teach-in on the environment".  His partners in this effort were...
  •   Apr 21, 2018


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