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Not sure where to begin? Try one of our five Tea Samplers - Black, Green, Decaf, Flavored & Makaibari. On Sale right now. They make the perfect gift and each includes a variety of teas with steeping instructions.
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Gift Boxes For The Season

Share the Gift of Tea. Our Gift Boxes come packed with surprises and include not just a variety of Teas, but tea-infused soaps, candles, canisters and scoops as well as a gourmet treat! Each comes with steeping instructions, so every cup can be a perfect cup.

Add your personal message and you're all set. Let us do the work, you take the credit. This is gift giving made easy!

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Check Out Our Teas On Sale

Who doesn't like a Sale? We offer several Teas at a discount and change them every few weeks. They include your year-round favorites as well as seasonal specialties.

We include all varieties - Black, Herbal, Flavored - so enjoy the savings. We sometimes include Canisters, Tea Scoops, as well as Mugs and Teapots.

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Dozens of Flavorful Varieties

From fragrant, non-caffeinated Rooibos to robust, aromatic Earl Grey, we carry dozens of specialty tea varieties to fulfill every tea lover’s dreams. We know each tea’s origins, seasonality, and freshness and we’re completely upfront with our customers about the details behind our tea. Quality is highly important to us. Every tea at our loose leaf tea shop is carefully selected, and there are plenty of varieties to choose from! Not sure where to start? Explore popular teas like Black Tea, Green Tea, and spicy Chai Blends. We’re confident everyone can find a specialty tea variety to fall in love with.


    Never had a tea like this before! The aroma is amazing.

    Felix T.

    I love a lot of flavored green teas, but this is my go to all day, any season, oolong tea, I love it, this is a perfectly balanced cup of tea. A+

    Joshua H.

    Definitely my favorite tea to warm up with after a cold winter day. Tastes like the holidays!

    Michael C.

    Makaibari 1st and 2nd flush get all the attention, but Makaibari Autumnal is one of my favorites! I like a strong tea, but for those who need to add milk, Autumnal is perfectly fine with that. A delicious Darjeeling!

    Diane Mc.

    I bought this tea for my new glass teapot and was not disappointed. It flowered beautifully and the taste was light sweet and fruity - just like fresh strawberry. Would buy this again.

    Ashley V.

    Top class everyday tea. Excellent bright morning blend, works well with milk or without. Plenty of body and flavor, keeps going and never harsh on second or even third(!) steeping. All that and organic/fair trade, no wonder it's my current favorite.

    Meriel G.

The Legend of

Makaibari Tea Estate

Our founders grew up in the home of the “Champagne of Tea”: Darjeeling, India. From our tea-steeped roots to our family heritage in the Makaibari tea plantation, tea practically runs in our veins. We have a place in our hearts for specialty tea, and we invite you to experience unique blends with us. Find your favorite variety at our loose leaf tea shop!

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