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I get my best work done as I drink my two cups of Organic Assam every morning.  Those first two hours are productive - spreadsheets get completed, blogs get written.  I guard them jealously.  And now I know why.  A recent study just concluded that hot tea promotes cognitive function. ...
  •   Jan 20, 2018
Tea - that wonderful hot beverage that warms you when you're cold, perks you up and sets you on your way. Or perhaps your favorite tea is a tall, cold glass in the summer.  But wait!  There are countless other ways tea can be used.  Here are a few of...
  •   Jan 18, 2018
Did you know that Hot Tea was good for your eyes?  Well, it is.  Researchers believe a daily cup can reduce the risk for glaucoma.  So, in addition to the already long list of benefits associated with tea that includes heart wellness and even cancer-fighting properties, add better vision.  You...
  •   Dec 29, 2017


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