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It's been one year since we launched our Rewards Program. And it's been a huge success. Hundreds of dollars have already been redeemed by customers like you.  If you're not taking advantage of it, here's how it works: If you make a purchase, write a review, or refer a friend,...
  •   Nov 17, 2017
We're constantly re-tooling our site and making changes we think will serve you better.  Some are in response to your requests, others are to reflect best practices in the industry.  Here are some recent changes we think you will appreciate: Item #: Each Product now shows the Item or SKU...
  •   Nov 15, 2017
What a wonderful surprise this morning. We opened our email and were greeted with this thoughtful email. Thank You Nicki, you made our day! 
  •   Nov 02, 2017


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