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Assam, Darjeeling, Keemun, Ceylon—all of these are black teas. While they all belong to the same broad category, each is incredibly different! Even unflavored, there are hundreds of ways loose black tea can taste. Explore our wide selection of the most commonly known tea throughout the world.

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Loose Black Tea Flavors & Aromas

While this is our unflavored black tea category, that simply means we haven’t enhanced the natural flavor of its leaves with additional flavoring essences or herbs and spices. Each black tea has its own distinctive taste, similar to the way wines or coffees are categorized. Darjeeling, the “Champagne of Tea,” is as different from Yunnan black tea as Chardonnay is from Moscato. Discover everything from malty Assam teas to full-bodied Ceylon teas, as well as organic tea here.

If you’re looking for loose black tea with added fruit or herbal notes, please browse our flavored black teas. Shop varieties like sweet Coconut Vanilla, tart Cherry Lemon, and complex Tango Squeeze today!

How to Steep Unflavored Black Tea

If you want to get the most out of your loose leaf black tea, proper steeping is essential. Avoid a bitter cup and ensure a pleasant tasting experience by following these guidelines:

  • Load 1 heaping teaspoon of loose tea leaves for each 8 oz. cup of tea you’re steeping.
  • Heat your water to 212°F and pour it into your teapot or cup.
  • Steep your tea infuser for 3–5 minutes or until your tea achieves your desired strength.

Any questions about black tea flavors or steeping instructions? Reach out to the Silver Tips Tea team today for more information.