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Enjoy the Spirit of the Himalayas in a Cup! Makaibari is Darjeeling's oldest Tea Garden, and one of its most famous. Every Makaibari Tea is Certified Organic, Fair Trade and Biodynamic. We're the selected US distributor of Makaibari, and as a result we get the newest harvests first.

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We guarantee authenticity and will always share origin and provenance with you. We will not sell last year's stock as new - you have our word on that.

    • Makaibari Darjeeling Silver Tips with a few silvery tips
    • Makaibari Silver Tips

      Fresh 2018 Season Silver Tips air freighted in for you, our loyal fans.  This is the same tea featured in Masterpiece Theatre and NCIS Los Angeles.  Renowned for its mellow, floral character, it is an elegant long-leaf style with variegated leaves interspersed with silvery tips.  Drink the best!  Certified Organic,...

      $ 9.50
    • Makaibari Oolong - Org/F Trade
    • Makaibari Oolong - Org/F Trade

      An Oolong with the characteristic Darjeeling floral note. Try something different. Beautiful leaf style - long, well-rolled with a medium oxidation. An uncommon India Oolong. Use 1 Tbsp. of leaf per 8 oz. cup.  Let boiling water cool slightly before pouring over leaves.  Steep 3 mins.  Can be re-infused.  Milk...

      $ 12.93
    • makaibari silver tips imperial in a display canister
    • Makaibari Silver Tips Imperial

      Indulge in a cup of our record-breaking Makaibari Silver Tips Imperial. This is Limited Reserve. Only 20 kgs. of this lot were manufactured and we have a limited 5 kgs. (11 lbs.) This is DJ 158-2014, procured through a private sale. Specially packaged in 0.5 ounce lots. When it's gone,...

      $ 32.00
    • Makaibari 1st Flush 2017 - The Prize Crop of Darjeeling, Exclusive to us! - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Teas
    • Makaibari 1st Flush 2018

      Enjoy the prize crop of Darjeeling, the champagne of teas - this is Lot DJ 10/18 - slightly astringent, excellent leaf style, and an underlying floral tone to the cup. A short steep recommended.  Enjoy the spirit of the Himalayas - Organic, Biodynamic & Fair Trade. 2018 season.  For all those who...

      $ 7.95
    • Makaibari 2nd flush 2018
    • Makaibari 2nd flush 2018

      The classic coppery hue to the infused leaf is very noticeable in this new 2018 lot along with a pleasant pungency in taste. We're pleased with the 2nd flush harvest this year and we were fortunate to select the best. From an estate certified Organic, Biodynamic and Fair Trade.  Enjoy our most...

      $ 6.68
    • Long Leaf Makaibari Green, Organic and Fair Trade, floral & mellow.
    • Makaibari Long Leaf Green

      New 2018 Season Now Available!  This is your perfect daily green.  Certified Organic, Biodynamic and Fair Trade, our Makaibari Green is specially manufactured for us.  It is mellow, floral with no vegetal notes with all the healthful benefits of a Green Tea.  An elegant long-leaf in style, able to withstand...

      $ 6.47
    • Makaibari Darjeeling Silver Tips with a few silvery tips
    • Makaibari Silver Tips Grade 2

      Certified Organic & Fair Trade, this Makaibari lot has fewer silvery tips than our normal elegant, long leaved Silver Tips.  Offered at a steeply reduced price for those fans who just cannot be out of Silver Tips until the new 2018 season stock arrives. 1 lb. size only.  Limited inventory...

      $ 32.00
    • Makaibari Autumnal
    • Makaibari Autumnal

      A mellow tea from the later part of the season from an estate known for its commitment to sustainable agriculture. A very easy tea to enjoy! Stronger than 1st or 2nd flush teas. Can tolerate some milk. For those familiar with Makaibari Apoorva in India, this is the tea to choose....

      $ 11.66
    • Makaibari 1st Flush 2016 - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Makaibari 1st Flush previous season

      Still wonderful, but the 2018 harvest is here.  So for all of you who love low prices, here's 2017 stock at a great value.  Enjoy Makaibari first flush at a steep discount! Certified Organic & Fair Trade.   Use 1 tsp. leaf  per  8 oz. cup.   Pour boiling water over...

      $ 18.00
    • Makaibari 2nd Flush-previous season - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Makaibari 2nd Flush-previous season

      Still wonderful but alas, this year's stock is now in! This is from the previous 2017 season - A classic 2nd flush muscatel tea from the Makaibari Estate - the pioneers of biodynamic tea farming in the world. This tea has a pronounced floral bouquet, with nutty and pungent notes in...

      $ 7.76
    • North Point - Org/Fair Trade
    • North Point - Org/Fair Trade

      Our house Organic Darjeeling blend of spring and autumn harvests. Just the right body - not too floral, not too astringent, medium cup but with the characteristic light Darjeeling note. Organic, Fair Trade & priced right. Use 1 generous tsp. leaf per 8 oz. cup.Pour boiling water over leaves.Steep 3.5...

      $ 7.84
    • Makaibari Tea Sampler - Try some Delicious Makaibari Teas - Silver Tips Tea's Gifts
    • Makaibari Tea Sampler

      From the renowned Organic/Biodynamic and Fair Trade tea estate in Darjeeling, enjoy 3 types of Black and Green Tea.  We included the 1st and 2nd Flush Black Teas as well as our very popular Long Leaf Green, a mellow and floral green without any vegetal notes. Steeping directions are on...

      $ 28.00


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