Makaibari Tea
Makaibari is Darjeeling's oldest Tea Garden, and one of its most famous. Every Makaibari Tea is Certified Organic, Fair Trade and Biodynamic. We're the selected US distributor of Makaibari, and as a result we get the newest harvests first.  We stand by every Makaibari selection and guarantee authenticity.  We will not pass off old tea as new and when a specific harvest is not available, we will say so. Enjoy the Spirit of the Himalayas in a Cup! Some Makaibari teas may not be eligible for discounts.

1st flush, 2nd flush, Autumnal and North Point are Black Teas.

    • Makaibari 1st Flush 2020

      Alas, our early 1st flush lots are gone! We are now offering a late season 1st flush from 2020, Lot # DJ 36/20.  It is not as light, sharp or astringent as the previous lots we were offering.  So we're lowering the price until the 2021 season arrives. We're still offering...

      $ 10.00
    • Makaibari 1st Flush Reserve
    • Makaibari 1st Flush Reserve

      We purchased a Special Manufacture First Flush this year in a long-leaf style.  A very limited quantity of this batch was manufactured - Lot 06/20 - which we air-freighted in.  It is unusual in the leaf style - long, uncut leaves with greenish tips, a style usually not employed for first flush...

      $ 10.00
    • Makaibari 2nd flush 2020

      This is our best-selling Makaibari tea.  2nd flush has more body than 1st flush and is more pungent and floral than 1st season which tends to be more astringent.  It keeps its character better even as the leaf matures.  From an estate certified Organic, Biodynamic and Fair Trade.  Enjoy our...

      $ 7.44
    • Makaibari 2nd Flush-previous season - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea Sale
    • Makaibari 2nd Flush-previous season

      Still wonderful but alas, this year's stock is now in! This is from the previous 2019 season - A classic 2nd flush muscatel tea from the Makaibari Estate - the pioneers of biodynamic tea farming in the world. This tea has a pronounced floral bouquet, with nutty and pungent notes in...

      $ 8.64 $ 6.00
    • Makaibari Autumnal - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Makaibari Autumnal

      A mellow tea from the later part of the season from an estate known for its commitment to sustainable agriculture. A very easy tea to enjoy! Stronger than 1st or 2nd flush teas. Can tolerate some milk. For those familiar with Makaibari Apoorva in India, this is the tea to choose....

      $ 12.98
    • North Point Makaibari

      Our house Organic Darjeeling blend at a lower price point. Just the right body - not too floral, not too astringent, medium cup with a few tips, and with the characteristic Darjeeling note. Organic, Fair Trade & priced right. Use 1 generous tsp. leaf per 8 oz. cup.Pour boiling water...

      $ 8.73


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